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Adventures Abroad Costa Rica Tours

Find your Costa Rica holiday with Adventures Abroad

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Lush, wildly exotic, and brimming with off-the-beaten-path adventures. Costa Rica is known as the 'rich coast' for good reason. In this small Central American country, you'll find palm-dotted beaches, active volcanoes, mist-cloaked cloud forests, and dense mangrove swamps. Costa Rica is also one of the world's most biodiverse countries' home to half a million species of wildlife, ranging from endangered monkeys and sloths to scarlet macaws and red-eyed tree frogs.

Ready to explore this ecological Eden? With the opportunity for jungle hikes, canopy walks, ziplining, river tubing, and horseback rides, our small group Costa Rica tours bring endless adventure to a breath taking travel experience.

Varied Tour Syles

The team at Adventures Abroad know that different people look for different things from their trip of a lifetime and have designed a variety of tour types that will give you a more tailored adventure. If you like a slower paced cultural experience focusing on history and nature or a full throttle hiking adventure you are certain to find the perfect tour style. Read more...


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